Your next book journey begins here.

What is Biblioguides?

Biblioguides is an online, literary database carefully curated with the resources and tools to guide you on a journey of discovering and reading the best books for your family.

What's Inside the Biblioguides Community?

We invite you to join our online community to:

  • engage in weekly bookish conversations on a specific topic
  • learn more about Biblioguides membership
  • access the Biblioguides Guild (Biblioguides subscribers only)
  • discover books for every member of the family
  • join Plumfield Reads for lively book discussions

How our Community Works

The first space you'll enter when you join is the Biblioguides Community Network. While you won't be able to create new posts in this space, you will be able to comment on posts and suggest topics for discussion. Posting and discussion is open to all group members in the Biblioguides Guild group. We also have a welcome checklist for you to step through to get to know the platform and how you can participate.

What is the Biblioguides Guild?

Members of Biblioguides have access to our literary database of over 10,000 living books that are recommended by the Biblioguides team as well as our Partner Guides. Membership also includes access to tools like custom lists and plans and our advanced search to organize your family's reading all in one place.

The Biblioguides Guild is an exclusive community for Biblioguides paid members.

Why should you join the Guild? 

  • connect with other book-loving parents who also want to make books a cornerstone of their family culture
  • find lending libraries and other Biblioguides members near you
  • get support finding just the right books for your family
  • tutorials to help you make the most of your Biblioguides membership
  • share your ideas about the direction and features of Biblioguides

Meet Our Partner Guides

What is Plumfield Reads?

Plumfield Reads is a reading group hosted by Biblioguides Partner Guide, Plumfield and Paideia, to discuss favorite books featured on the Plumfield Moms podcast. We invite you to join us wherever you are in your reading process! Book club discussion is clearly marked and you can join in, spoiler free, at any point for any of the books we are currently discussing or have already discussed.